Lidyana Glass Earrings


Courrier and other expenses are not included.If you desire to have silver,Please fill the form,Silver head model will be 30 euro / Production period is minimum 2 weeks,It can be earlier but 2 week is adequete.


The blue is like a pure clear lake. They will be great gift for your relatives and friends.

All items are made by me personally. Each item is unique, made by hands, based on my own ideas, with using of natural materials.

If you have any questions about your order – contact me and I will gladly answer you

Lidyana Glass Earrings 3

Delivery time:

  • Europe: 1-2 weeks
  • USA: 1-3 weeks
  • Canada: 1-3 weeks
  • Australia: 1-3 weeks
  • Rest of World: 1-3 week


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