• Weight:4 kg
  • Dimensions:21 cm*21 cm *24 cm
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  • Base is metal
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In order to make polyester casting, you first need to have a main model in your hand. It may be a model you have printed on a 3D printer,it may be a figure you have made yourself from clay or you may wish to cast ready model you already have it.

To get the mold for this model, you need to have some idea about the molding techniques, otherwise you may not be able to get your model out of the plaster mold properly.

In the image above, you see the clay model and the finished polyester model.

After the model is surrounded by cardboard, wood or a hard object, we pour the papier-mâché plaster, which we prepared according to the dimensions of the model, into the mold.

We wait 1-2 days for the plaster to set. Although there is no recipe, because room temperature, seasons affect the preparation of the polyester.We can add salt,Vinegar or Sytric acid into Plaster to control Plaster’s hardening time.

We mix it by adding Cobalt, MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) and Talcum Powder into the polyester resin. The polyester will start to heat up after a while and will be prepared within 48 hours at the latest.

An expected view is a light gray appearance which is normal. After the sticky feeling on the model is gone we prime it with an air gun, if we do not apply this procedure it burns the polyester on synthetic paints and your effort will be wasted. The primer dries in 15-20 minutes and you can paint your model as you wish with acrylic paint.







Time is flowing,we are learning and getting mature with our pain Therefore our nerves  always revitalised with pain.Life teachs human and bringing more resistant to difficulties.When you feel pain,you are feeling God much nearest beside of you.Especially when you are in Jail,when you are in Hospital,when you are in under column since earthquake incidence.This item is Projecting my artistic feelings to outside.I didnt inspired any philosophers.This Concrete material on Sculpture refers Eartquake,Syringe Despair in Hospital,Bullet symbolyse war.


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 24 cm


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