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Nature is our World.This gorgeus adaptatation and hierarchy are always captivated me.When you look around,you can see animals gorgeus pattern, forms, feather or colour harmony.This miraculous gift held on to expose for inspiration. I believe that everybody are unique.Neither we accept nor not accept, each people has ‘Taste of art’ , Clay&Glass offers custom made accessories.


are we ?

Our grantees and partners generosity truth, prevention nutrition involvement Ford Foundation. Enabler agenda results global leaders change economic independence; positive social change free expression our ambitions. Dedicated, humanitarian relief health fight against malnutrition momentum economic development.

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Clay&Glass never limits your dreams as long as its produceble’Explain us, if you can draw, draw us. Lets collaborate together

Since 2016

Clay&Glass has been working on since 2016.The begining of 2019 we bring our experiences, together with community.

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We value and care about our customers. Please do not hesitate to write to us. Contact us by filling out the contact form

My Portfolio

I was born in Ankara on June 19, 1987. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Department of Industrial Design in Department of Architecture. I did my master’s degree on product design in IED (Milano). Within three years, during periods of a few months, I gained a variety of experiences in relevant sites, from lighting to pottery-making, and from glass production to ceramic production; and I worked on production processes at several production facilities. In 2017, I established an atelier and dedicated myself to making dreams come to life.

Lamp working 85%
Polyester sculpture 80%
Kiln Casting 65%
A work of art that smells of history.. Excellent

Karaca Huseyin CEO - KRC Design

Representative of justice, nice work...

Salih Dere CEO - Cagri Design

Super artistic work. Good luck with your efforts

Şule Ayhan Nig Akademi

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